We added a NMP VII retrospect to the history-Section, including festival reviews and fotos. If you have any nice NMP-pics you can send them to webmaster@nebelmondmetalparty.de, good pics will be published on the website.


Thanks to the few people who have been there. I hope you had some fun despite the small number of visitors, looked like you had actually. Looks like this was the last NMP, as you probably can imagine economically it has been a big desaster. We'll all have to pay much from our own pocket, and at the moment we're not willing to take that risk again. Too bad, despite all the work all in all the seven NMPs have been a great experience for us. Thanks to everyone who partied with us since 1998, it was great fun with you. We really we could carry on, but after that desaster it's the best to set the final stroke. Thanks for the great time!

Thanks to all bands who gave eerything despite the sad circumstances. I didn't see one single gig at the weekend that was not far above average. From the musical part, that was a worthy final for the NMP. An extra sorry to those of you who took long journeys to play in front of 20 people. I hope you are not too disappointed about the German scene. From the last years we didn't know it like that, but the location change seems to have been fatal. Looks like in that area you only get moving for the real big names. Tough luck if they miss the rare chance to see bands like Sólstafir, Darzamat, Neglected fields or Iperyt. The few people who have been there won't forget your extraordinary gigs.

Last but not least thanks to the crew who supported us and never lost the motivation and the fun despite the bad circumstances. Vou've done a great job and we could always rely on everyone of you. To bad we can't afford a crew party, you really deserve it.

A first (German) review with some fotos can be found here. We'll add a reviews and foto section to our page within the next days. A jacket and sunglasses have been lost at the festival, if you're missing one of those write a mail with your adress and a short description of the object to info@nebelmondmetalparty.de.


Three days to go! The advance sale is closed since today. But we've enough tickets left, looks like we won't have to send anybody home. We'll be at the festival location onthursday morning. So if you have any questions left please ask them till wednesday evening, later we won't receive your mails. See you on friday! Have fun!


Instead of I Despise, Morlock from Warendorf will start the Friday with raw black metal. And another local opener for Saturday joined the billing too. Taste of Blood from Herford will blow your hangover away with their powerfull and melodic death metal. As the opener problem is solved now, we can finally put a running order online. But maybe we will have to swap some positions, you'd better wait till next week before you print it.

And we received the tickets today, now traditional ticket orders can be processed without delay too.


As our ordering system using pdf vouchers found little acceptance, from now on you can choose between sending tickets "traditional" or the quick and cheap pdf voucher. As the ticket printing is not finished yet, there will be a little delay for traditional orders. But the printing will be finished within the next few days, you'll receive your tickets in time.

Unfortunately I Despise had to cancel because of job related reasons. We're checking some replacements at the moment, we'll probably have one at the beginning of next week. Then there'll finally be a running order too.


We've completed our billing with another highlight from the German underground: Jack Slater will please our ears with their unique combination of death metal and sick humor. You can find the complete Lineup at the billing section. Fotos and short infos about the first acts have been added there too, all other bands will follow within the next days.

You can order NMP tickets finally. With 17.99 the two days ticket has become a little more expensive than last time, but still a unique low price. Of course parking and camping is included as usual. More information and the order form can be found here.


News from the billing department! The second day's headliner will be Dark Fortress, one of the top acts in the German Black Metal scene! I guess that might more than compensate the loss of Nocte Obducta. The Melodic Deathers and old NMP veterans of In Blackest Velvet will celebrate their live rebirth after three years of abstinence. And finally our local heroes from Laid in Ashes will cause some sore necks with their Death/Thrash sound and their great live show.

Additionally the infos about the festival location and how to get there are online now.


Billingnews! The bad news first: Because of the date change, Nocte Obducta have to cancel their gig due to private reasons. Too bad, maybe next year...

We're proud to present you another piece os metal history: Solstafir have never played out of Iceland before, and they will headline the NMP! The sound of Solstafir is absolutely unique, melancholic masterpieces somewhere between rock and black metal. If they catch half of the intensity of their last record live, we'll see something really big!

There are more acts confirmed. We'll import three jewels from the eastern European scene for you, Darzamat and Iperyt from Poland and Neglected Fields from Latvia. Additionally we have Darkmoon from Switzerland and of course many great acts from the German underground:

Serpent Soul
I Despise

to be continued...

You can find all confirmed acts in the billing section. More Information about all bands will be added there during the next days.


Sorry for the long time without news. We've been extremely lucky again, some problems occured which delayed everything a lot. There's a steel mill next to our festival location, which has it's 150th birthday this year. And now guess when that will be celebrated... There will be many important people running around, including Angie Merkel herself, and hordes of policemen will secure the whole area around against evil terrorists. Not the best conditions to have some hundred drunken metalheads next door... One month we tried to find another location, but without success. So Because of this, the NMP will take place one week later, on 15th and 16th of september. Unfortunately we were not able to sign any bands in the meantime, that's a little difficult if you don't have a fixed date. But now the date is fixed, and the billing machine is working again. You'll find the results here as soon as possible.


For the christians , Easter is a time of good news. What they can do, we can do too. Here are our good news:

The location-problem has been solved. The NMP 2006 will take place on 8th and 9th of september in Georgsmarienhuette near Osnabrueck. Not completely our usual area, but the next appropriate we could find. It is a great location, and not much more than an hour by car from our former place, so I think that will be okay. Navigation info comming soon.

As the first firm band, I can announce Nocte Obducta. High quality black metal made in Germany, and additionally one of the most wanted bands in the band wish thread in our forum. More billing news will follow in the very near future.

The technical problems with guestbook and forum have been resolved too. Unfortunately all old guestbook entries are gone, so it's up to you to populate the new one again. The forum had to be moved to new software too, but the old contents could be kept. It looks a little different, but it should work as before. If it doesn't, complain at webmaster@nebelmondmetalparty.de or at the tech support thread in the forum.



Important news for all interested bands: The deadline for bands applications for the NMP 2006 will be the 15th of march. As we need some time for promotion and presales, we can't consider later applications. More infos about applying for the NMP can be found here.

It seems like the the search for a location is almost over, we are in contact with a great location at the moment. You'll find more information here when everything is fixed, probably within the next one or two weeks. Anyway it looks like the fiasco last year won't happen again.


A heavy new year to all of you! As promised, here are the first facts about the NMP06. As usual, we will destroy the last remains of your neck muscles and liver cells at the end of the festival season, probably at the 8th and 9th of september. And geographically there won't change much either, we're checking some potential locations in the same region at the moment. As soon as we have any results, you will find them here.

Some news for NMP-interested bands: All applicaitons for the canceled NMP05 will be considered in the 06 voting. If you want to send us some up to date stuff, or you are applying for the first time, please use the new adress of our billing-guy, you can find it here. If you already sent something to the old adress, we recieved it nevertheless, you don't have to send it again.


Christmas is over and the new year's hangover is waiting, time for a sign of life from the NMP between the about 667 last years reviews everywhere. Unfortunately you will have to wait a few more days for the first NMP06-Details. During the last month we had to handle some ugly consequences of the 05-cancellation, we could not get out of everything that was already arranged without any problems. But since about the middle of december this topic is finally closed. At the moment we are reorganizing the rest of the NMP-Team, which is a little bit decimated after the troubles of the last months. But despite these problems, we devinitely plan to go continue arranging great metal parties for you as you know them from the last years. The first facts for 06 will be fixed in the first days of the new year. You will find them on our homepage or in the newsletter in the very near future. Up to then, we wish you a great new years party and a good start into 2006!


We are sorry to tell you that there won't be a Nebelmond Metalparty this year. Because of several Location problems too much time was lost. We tried to get everything running in time anyway, unfortunately we only almost made it. Sorry to everyone who looked foward to a great metalic weekend. It was no easy decission for us, but we see no other way. Next year you can have a great party again as you know it from the last NMPs. As we found a great location now, we can get everything else started in time, but for 2005 it unfortunately was too late. Okay, have a great year, we hope to see you at the NMP 2006!


Billing-News: We had Helrunar last year, but who saw them then knows why we asked them to play again. You can find all confirmed bands here.


As we had many visitors from abroad last year, we decided to add an English Section to the Page. If you have Javascript enabled, you should be directed automatically. If this didn't work properly, you can also change languages using the links in the top right corner.